Tiptop Audio Records – Various Artists 002 – Official Teaser

Tiptop Audio Records – Various Artists 002 – Official Teaser

ANGLE VS. JOAO CESER – Axolotl (Soundtrack free download)


Double vinyl and digital issue

Tiptop Audio Records, Tiptop Audio’s label, consolidates a path that connects its instruments with the best electronic music composers of the moment. All projects that fit within the label are the result of direct experimentation of modules. The connection between the components creates sounds that are unique and unrepeatable.

The second issue of Tiptop Audio Records attests to the label’s attitude towards developing a nuanced sound set to become a standard for production.
The line-up for Tiptop Records includes MATT LANGE, ANGLE, JOAO CESER, MARKUS FIX, BLACK SHAPE, DRUMCELL & LUIS FLORES, HUBOT, FLORIAN MEINDL, JOHN TEJADA, SCANNER, M.O.T., RIEMANN; the names of a scene now described as ‘Modular Techno’, which consists of a fast growing group of artists interested in expanding their compositional techniques through modular synthesizer systems.

The vinyl format is a testimony to the label’s dedication to produce music in a physical form. The result is a four side, double LP packaged in original artwork (including a special poster) by Italian artist Matteo Giampaglia, with handmade lettering by Caterina Scardillo.

It is an invitation to a territory of oscillations, and a trip of 10 (+ 2 extra digital) tracks that reconsiders the concept of sound design applied to electronic club music.

Mastered by Tommy Bianchi @ White Sound Mastering Studio.
Distributed by Wordandsound.