Artist: ANGLE
Title: Hold Your Breath
Directed by: Piero Fragola, Matteo Giampaglia
Shot by: Victor Vallobonsi
Drawn by: Matteo Giampaglia
Edited by: Piero Fragola
Release Date: 10.10.2016
Label: Tiptop Audio Records
Genre: Techno
Mastering by Tommy Bianchi @ White Sound Mastering Studio
Distribuited by Wordandsound

Ink and the materiality of painting are the true protagonists of this completely handmade videoclip, shooting the making of paintings in order to explore the creative process with a sophisticated visual language. The liquid Indian ink is lead by a path made of water on paper, to overcome the boundaries of contingency, while the content pays tribute to the previous research in animation and also to the origin of the audiovisual media.
The research explored by Eadward Muybridge with his Zoopraxography, and specifically his series Animal Locomotion, focused on the physiological motus, using examples such as birds in flight. At the end of the nineteenth century, Muybridge pioneered the techniques of analyzing the phases of motion, by pursuing research on physicality, which engages with the idea of repetition.
The movement of the wings during the flight of a bird deals with the same repetition that occurs within the human breath. Quoting the title of this track, when you ‘hold your breath’ it means that you interrupt the mechanic action of breathing, regardless if it’s crucial for life. It means that something might have a so powerful impact on your mind and your emotions that you can even suspend your biological functions to research an ecstatic suspension. Life keeps its mysterious meaning in this ‘something’: the miracle of the living beings and their movements, the lyrical purity of painting, the deeply sensitive allure of music, the universal power of beauty… A dark and deep landscape can be escaped by a flight, as much as a voice can rescue a listener from getting lost in a forest of sounds. Music and painting, that were historically the keys for the beauty in life, here work very similarly: according to ANGLE, both are analog and living, like a full-bodied material experience.

Rossella Catanese