The first international festival of digital arts conceived as a privileged vehicle to investigate new forms of interplay between technology and environment.

Innovation, research, sustainability, (re) use: GreenTech, much more than a simple event.

GreenTech Festival is one of the first international festival that seeks to investigate the relationship between technology and environmental protection through the language of digital arts.

Experts, representatives of institutions and companies are confronted on issues related to eco-innovation in meetings open to all.

Strong emphasis on art projects that arise from contamination of the latest technology and environmental issues.

Space for business proposals and craft projects for young business you want to showcase

Training sessions cutting technical, practical and specific, easy to use for the participants.

The heart of the event will be linked to electronic music and its derivatives.

>GIO 06/03 – Cinema Lumiere<
In collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy
“Shestaya” di Matteo Bennici (I) // Dead Heat live (I) // Painè (I) and many more. Visuals by Fax

>VEN 07/03 – Palazzo dei Congressi<
Seth Troxler (USA) // Horror Inc. live (CAN) // Dub Sones (I) // Bruni&Danielle (I) // Ennio Colaci live (I) // Dazee (I) // Farias (I) // Elia Crecchi b2b Manoel (I) and many more. Visuals by Aelion Project

>SAB 08/03 – Palazzo dei Congressi<
Derrick May (USA) // San Proper (HOL) // Angle live (I) // Huge (I) // Saro Carrasi&John Clair (I) // TRS (I) // Lorenzo Magnozzi (I) // Dantela (I) // Francesco Tapinassi (I) // Deeplay (I) and many more. Visuals by Kanaka Project e Madlene India Sabin

••Full program••
Soon the full program will be available on the website of the event:

Tickets are available on the circuit Vivaticket, online or in one of the many outlets throughout the country:

THU 06/03 – 8,5€ + dp presale
FRI 07/03 – 20€ + dp presale / 25€ at box office
SAT 08/03 – 15€ + dp presale / 20€ at box office
FULL PASS – 35€ + dp

••What is GreenTech Festival••

GreenTech has wanted to be, since its first edition, not a simple “event” but a factory of ideas and practices to rethink the map of our present. It proposes itself, in fact, as the first international festival of digital arts conceived as a privileged vehicle for the dissemination of environmental protection issues and created with the aim to investigate new forms of interplay between technology and environment, the fundamental combination of contemporary era and the starting point for the development of an increasingly digital society.
Its mission is to raise public awareness about
environmental issues and energy saving using a more effective and engaging languages as are the artistic ones.

The guidelines that animate GreenTech are innovation, research, sustainability, smart cities and reuse, and around them will rotate performances, installations, workshops, live acts and dj sets.

It wants to be a kind of fil rouge between two
worlds apparently very far from each other but in reality very close, tying them together to
form something new and innovative, offering a wide range of projects, new ideas, new creative energies and intersecting each other plans before seen as completely separate.

Join us for quest ‘exciting challenge to be played with a happily collective intake!

GreenTech Festival and a draft Greentech Association, with the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa, Province of Pisa, Tuscany, Pisa University. Content Partner: Red Bull Music Academy. Main Sponsor: Navicelli Spa, AVR Group, Toscana Energia, Acque Spa, Ecofor Service, Aeroporto Galileo Galilei di Pisa, Ies Solare, Jagermeister, Forst. Media Partner: Kyoto Club, ProNews, RadioEco, Soundwall, Edizioni Zero, Network: TAG! Pisa, ItaliaCamp, Startup Saturday, Confcommercio Pisa, Confinnovazione.